Frequently asked questions

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Q & A's

Q. What do I need to learn to drive?

Ans. Must be 17 years old and hold a valid provisional driving licence.  You can apply for your provisional up to three months prior to your 17th birthday.

Q. Could I have evening and weekend lessons?

Ans. Yes, but weekend lessons get booked quickly, and the evening lessons when it is dark are for the more advanced pupils.

Q.  How much will my provisional licence cost?

Ans.  Go on to the Driving Standards Agency website for an up to date cost and how to apply for a licence online, or click this link opens in another window.

Q.  How many lessons will I need?

Ans.  It is recommended you have at least two hours for each year of your life.
i.e.  17 years old x 2 = 34 hours.  Please note, this does verify depending on each individual.

Q. If I learn to drive in an automatic, can I drive a manual car?

Ans. No, if you learn and pass in an automatic, this will be the only type of vehicle you can drive. You will need to retake the test if you wanted to drive a manual car.

Q. My theory test certificate runs out in one month time. Will I pass my practical test before then?

Ans. This depends on the following:-